Viewer Overviews

View Moxion from the inbox on the big-screen of your AppleTV, or collaborate on content with post production teams from within a Moxion folder. Moxion provides flexible viewing and playback options for executives and creatives alike.


Full Viewer Overview

Navigate the inbox's simple yet robust playback options for Dailies or review, or jump into the Folder to experience advanced collaboration and Moxion Immediates coming in moments after shooting. 

Inbox Only View: Moxion in the Browser

Viewing Moxion from the Inbox for high-level review. Great for viewing Playlinks, dailies, and uploaded content from a simple yet secure view. 


Share link to video here:  Getting to know the Moxion Inbox


Inbox Only View: Moxion on the iPad

Recommended for the Color Review use case to ensure standardized brightness and color fidelity across devices. View, comment, and collaborate all from the Moxion inbox on the iPad. 


Share link to video here:  Getting to know the Moxion Inbox on the iPad